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Steven E. North 35 Year Legal Career – Published in Suits Magazine Mar 2013

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by david gordon


"Sometimes, people really have a distorted perspective of what the civil justice system is all about."

For over 300 years, America's
legal system has provided
this nation with a degree of
justice that works well enough to
keep us safe, civilized and to ensure
that our civil liberties remain
in motion. While no fail-safe system
without some room for improvement
exists, the importance
and responsibility of upholding
and protecting the rights of citizens
gives many a reason to wake
up in the morning.

"Sometimes, people really have
a distorted perspective of what the
civil justice system is all about,"
said Steven North, attorney and
owner of Steven E. North, PC.
"But the fact is, there are hundreds
of thousands of cases and more
that are resolved in the system
each year, throughout the country,
to the satisfaction of all parties involved."

While North believes that there
could be a better system of selecting
and screening judges, he is
honored to be a member of the bar.
"I'm proud of the system," he said

Over 35 years ago, North began
his dynamic career as a homicide
prosecutor, trying murder cases
in Manhattan. "As a law student,
I was intrigued with the concept of
being a litigator. Trying a case, to
me, seemed to be what real lawyering
was all about."

But after many trips to medical
examiners' offices and those of
other doctors, he was exposed to
an entirely new field - one that he
had not encountered while studying
in law school. North became
enamored with the field of medicine.
"In that context, I became interested
in the confluence between
law and medicine," he told "The
Suit." "It was a natural progression
to go from there into the medical
malpractice world." At first defending
doctors, North switched to the
other side of the waiting room. In a
move he dubbed "a nobler calling",
North began protecting people who
were harmed due to errors in the
medical world, becoming a champion
fighting on their behalf.

An industry where over 100,000
victims die a year from malpractice
is bad enough, but an untold number
more of patients are never even
able to have their claims heard.
The reason? Illegitimate charges.
"There are too many people who
think or suggest that there may be
malpractice, when in fact there is
not," North deplored. He explained
that his office is flooded with calls
from perturbed patients accusing
their physicians of hiding behind
the stethoscope while they cough
up hefty medical bills for poor
bedside manners, infuriating treatments
and exhaustive testing. "In
this day and age, where there is so
much transparency, visibility and
an overt willingness on the patient's
part to confront doctors, speak to
hospitals and stand up when they
think something has gone wrong,
you know it (malpractice) when
you see it," he said.